About Us

Shreya Labels & Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the Mumbai based Indian company is a technology driven leader in Barcode Industry, having clients across nationwide locations, serving several sectors including automotive, pharma, garment, consumable retail , food and agriculture. SLPT today has the large repository of label industry knowledge in the region and offers full service supply capability to its geographically dispersed marquee customers from concept to product design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and validation.


The Purchase of Shreya machines represents an investment to bring far reaching benefits. These not only include a high servicing readiness, a wide range of training, offer specific advice rapid deliveries of spare-parts, but also the active participation of customer in systematic technological development.

Machine systems of the Shreya Industries are versatile & suitable for the barcode label industry, colour by hot stamping & also for punching pre-printed label stock.

On the basis of our vision knowledge, Shreya Industries having in the roll form printing & die-cutting machineries the new innovation of die-cutting label machine is formed for the small & medium size industries in the self-adhesive label manufacturing.