Box Label Applicator

Applying labels to a box manually is a tedious and time-consuming job as it involves printing the labels first and then applying the labels to the boxes at proper position. It is a highly inefficient way of applying labels to a box especially when bulk production is done in a professional way. Using SI/BLA toprint and apply labels to the boxes is time-saving, accurate positioning and more professional.

The SI/BLA is an automatic Box Label Applicator system with printing facility. The system prints and applies labels to the boxes. The machine comes with the dual mechanical arrangement so that the label can be applied either on the top or on the side of the box. The machine incorporates motorized height adjustment of the printing assembly depending on the height of the box. A conveyor belt system is offered as a mandatory accessory with the machine. The SI/BLA is compatible with multiple sized boxes with minor mechanical adjustments. The SI/BLA has a speed of labelling 10 boxes per minute.


  • Single phase 220V supply.
  • Labelling speed : 10 boxes per minute.
  • Label Application Area : Top and Side.
  • Compatible with multiple sized boxes.
  • Compatible with multiple sized labels.
  • Can print any data with barcode.
  • Can print pre-printed labels.
  • Easy to connect with laptop.
  • Very easy opetation.