External Label Rewinder

The SIW/100 is an automatic machine is used to rewind Printed Labels emerging out of the Barcode Printer. This label rewinding equipment is designed with variable Speed Controlling Mechanism. This machine provides a simple, fast & economical solution to the problem of printing and winding variable data quantities of labels. Once the job is complete, you can also neatly store your printed labels and barcodes for future use without worrying about them getting damaged or crumpled. The SIW/100 is compatible with 1", 1.5" and 3" core diameters by using a multi-size core holder. The SIW/100 is compatible with maximum 110mm core length. The operating voltage for the machine is 220V single phase.


  • Variable Speed Control
  • Forward Reverse Direction
  • Single Phase – 220V
  • Size: 38(L)x 21(W)cm
  • Optional Attachments:
    • Possible to wind on 1”, 1.5”& 3” Core