Fully - Automatic Core Cutting Machine

The SICC/500/FA is an automatic core cutting machine with the maximum core length of 500 mm. The machine is compatible with core diameters of 1", 2" and 3". The length and number of cores to be cut can be adjusted by altering the number of blades and distance between each blade attached to the machine.

SICC/500/FA has three pneumatic cylinders. Cylinder-1 is connected to the blade assembly and Cylinder-2 acts as support for the core mechanism. The core diameter can be adjusted by changing the core mechanism which is based on four screw assembly. Two-bolt arrangement is provided on cylinder-1 assembly so that the machine is compatible with cores of different thickness. After cutting a pneumatic cylinder extracts the cut cores out of the shaft.


  • Compatible with core lengths up to 500mm.
  • Possible to wind on 1", 1.5" & 3" Core.
  • Single Phase : 220V.
  • Automatic extraction of cut cores.