Label Dispenser

The Labeling Dispenser equipment is used for keeping the label ready to apply. This electrically operated Label Dispenser is popular for its user-friendly design and low failure rate. Label dispensers help remove a label from its liner or backing paper. They are used by manufacturing units, packaging units, food and beverage industry and are also use for bulk mailing. The operator pulls the liner or backing paper around a plate or a bar, peeling the label away from the liner. When the operator removes a label, a sensor detects its absence and switches the motor to advance the label roll. The label is pulled over a strip plate, which separates the label and its liner. Electric label dispensers use a photo sensor.


  • Operational label size: 100 x 100mm
  • Single phase: 220V
  • Size: 30(L) x 26(W)cm
  • Optional Attachments:
    • Foot operation